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Meet Roxanne Thompson…. Proper Gym’s female personal trainer. Roxanne first came to Proper as a customer around 5 years ago with the intention of losing some serious weight and to help improve the symptoms of a number of ailments.


After a lot of hard-work and dedication, constantly pushing herself towards her goals; and after seeing the massive difference that exercise can have on relieving the symptoms a variety of health conditions including stress / anxiety / fibromyalgia she decided that this was something she wanted to share with others she began working at Proper Gym on reception, qualified as a personal trainer and is now a valued part of the management team.


Roxanne enjoys training clients who are new to the gym and she is passionate about working with people who suffer from obesity, mental illness and other related conditions, she has recently formed Serenity Wellbeing Services, a mental health support service for people in and around Manchester which is also based at Proper Gym.


Each of her training sessions feature a warm up, bespoke training programme based on your goals and a cool down to ensure you get the full benefit of your programme and she is always at the end of the phone to all her clients who need that little bit of extra support.


As a health and wellbeing coach Roxanne also provides training sessions for clients who do not wish to train in a gym or are new to exercise and do not feel comfortable in a gym environment. Activities may include basic home-based exercise, walks around your local park or I can accompany you to a class such as yoga or another fitness activity till you feel comfortable to attend on your own or feel that you are ready to participate in gym based exercise.




Personal Training


30 Minute Consultation - FREE

A great way for us to meet and discuss your goals, likes and dislikes.


30 Minute Taster Session - £10

Learn how to use some basic gym equipment and we can discuss any fitness and lifestyle questions you may have to get you started on your health and fitness journey.


30 Minute Personal Training Session - £20

30 Min Personal Training Session for 2 people - £30


60 Minute Personal Training Session - £30

60 Minute Training Session for 2 people - £40


Personal Training - Block Bookings


5 x 60 Minute Personal Training Sessions - £120


10 x 60 Minute Personal Training Sessions - £240