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We want to ensure all our members and guests have the best experience possible so if you're coming down to train today, make sure you check out our gym rules that we expect all our members and guests to abide by.

  • All members and visitors must sign in at the reception before training or classes.


  • Smoking is not permitted inside or outside the premises.


  • We’re not able to look after anything for you in the gym and we can’t offer you a tab.


  • Any belongings left around the gym or near reception are your responsibility, PROPER GYM excepts no liability for items or belongs lost or damaged - this is entirely your responsibility.


  • Please wear appropriate gym attire at all times i.e. no bare chests, no denim no sandals or flip flops.


  • If you use our car park please treat it as part of the club, park considerately (esp. disabled spaces) and leave it as you’d expect to find it. PROPER GYM except no liability for cars left in car park.


  • Appropriate behaviour is required at all times so as not to risk your safety or the safety of others. If in our reasonable opinion, a member’s actions/behaviour is likely to be a risk to the gym or any of its staff and members, we reserve the right to terminate that membership.


  • We consider our members and staff one big, happy family so please respect the gym, our staff and each other at all times.


  • Please replace weights and don’t drop them as it is a safety hazard, damages the equipment and disturbs other members.


  • In the interest of everyone’s cleanliness and hygiene, please wipe down equipment after use.


  • Only PROPER GYM self-employed licensed personal trainers are permitted to undertake personal training sessions in the club without prior arrangement with the management.


  • If using our changing rooms, please take all your belongings home with you, put all rubbish in the bins and wipe the sink after shaving.


  • When using the steam room shorts/ swim wear or a towel must be worn at all times and please leave with everything you took in.


  • If using the lockers please can we ask that you do not leave items overnight, as they’ll need to be removed; Any items left in lockers will be disposed of at the end of day.


  • You’re welcome to join a class once it’s started but the instructor may ask you to warm up first.


  • To ensure your gym/fitness centre is fit for use, we might need to close certain areas from time to time, thank you in advance for your patience.


  • If we need to change the club’s opening hours for any reason, we’ll aim to give you as much notice as possible, updates will be posted around the gym, on our website and social media sites.


  • Please be respectful of other peoples’ privacy when using personal technology in the gym. You must get prior permission from all the people who will appear in any photograph you take or video footage you make whilst in the gym. Retrospective consent should also be obtained where images are accidentally captured and the image/footage deleted where consent is withheld. If you intend to use an image then you must explain what it will be used for and who might see it and get the persons consent to do so. We reserve the right to cancel a member(s) membership or ask a visitor(s) to leave the premises if personal technology is inappropriately used. We are aware that filming and photography takes place in our gym from time to time so if you do not wish your image to be used in any filming or photography by PROPER GYM please let a member of the team know in advance.

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