Health benefits of resistance training

October 18, 2017

There are many physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved through resistance training including:

  • improved muscle strength and tone – helping protect your joints from injury

  • weight management, increased muscle-to-fat ratio – as you gain muscle, your body burns more calories when at rest

  • improve / maintain flexibility and balance, which can help you remain independent as you age

  • improved posture

  • decreased risk of injury

  • prevention and control of chronic conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, back pain, depression, obesity and diabetes

  • increased bone strength / density and may reduce risk of osteoporosis

  • may help reduce or prevent cognitive decline in older people

  • management of pain 

  • improved sense of wellbeing – resistance training may boost your self-confidence, improve your body image and your mood

  • increased self-esteem

  • greater stamina – as you grow stronger, you won’t tire as easily

  • enhanced performance of everyday tasks.

  • a better night’s sleep and reduced insomnia

There are many types of resistance exercises suitable for all ages and all fitness levels using a wide variety of equipment including Free Weights (dumbbells/barbells), Resistance Machines, Resistance Bands, Medicine Balls and even Body Weight to name a few. 


So if you want to look better, feel better, improve any chronic conditions and live a longer healthier life, incorporate resistance training into your current training programme. 


If you’re a newbie to resistance training please consult one of our qualified personal trainers or join one of our resistance/strength training classes or our 'Train Proper' course.


For anyone with any health issues you must always consult your GP before participation and use a specialist personal trainer for training advice and programmes to suit your needs.






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